Poetry Menu

Poetry Menu

For festivals, events, parties (online & offline.) A roving poet offers participants to choose from a menu of poems! Poetry Menu entertains with short, intimate and inspiring poetry performances  to small groups and individuals – often reaching those who don’t usually interact with poetry and become converts!

Poetry Menu is performed in specific areas at a festival or venue. It can entice and intrigue, and be a great addition to a festival, drawing in those who may never experience live poetry otherwise.

It can also help promote a festival or programme, widening its reach into local streets or venues during or prior to the festival or event launch. It can be performed by one poet or poets in pairs . There are often many memorable moments of interaction and serendipity from the mini performances.  

It can be adapted to surroundings and themes. There could a poetry desk or booth set up to entice small audiences. Or we could even dress up in waitress outfits and set up a mini cafe area with tea cups and cake! That’s a lot of fun.

Poetry menu reaches out to those who may not have experienced live poetry before, or may not be able to afford or attend shows or readings as well as those who already have an interest in poetry and arts. Participants are often pleasantly surprised how enjoyable and accessible poetry is. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities.

Below are some pics of the poetry menu… thanks to the Albany Arts Centre participants!

I have also been offering a Poetry Menu at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital since 2017.

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Sensory Poetry Booth

In a small room, cordoned off area, tent or marquee (needs to be a fairly quiet area) a small group at a time sit on chairs in circle with eyes closed while a poet reads. Simple sound effects and/or sensory aromas or textures help evoke the mood of the poetry. An exquisite and mindful experience for participants!

Or I could develop a longer program with more poets, sound effects and sensory input – wouldn’t that be delectable…

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