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Understanding Poetic Metre with Cath Drake

Thursday 27th May, 2021

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Rhythm is a crucial component in poetry and metre is a vital tool in the poet’s toolbox.

And even if you don’t want to write in metre, understanding and hearing metre, enhances the writing and reading of poetry.

We’ll cover the foundations of poetic metre: the main kinds of metre, focusing in particular on accentual-syllabic metre (such as iambic pentameter).

Learn how to scan a poem for its metre and hone your poet’s ear. We’ll also try our hand at writing in metre too.

This is an introduction for those new to poetic metre or those who want a refresher.

Free verse teetotallers innocently imagine that metrics is an abstract, intellectual enterprise. For most young poets, however, studying prosody proves an intoxicating experience, a debauchery of verbal dance and music. Dana Gioia, The Hudson Review

Poetry’s only crucial attribute is rhythm. This is its heartbeat. It makes it memorable. If the rhythm falters then poem dies of heart-failure. Michael Longely, Poetry Ireland Review

 Cath Drake teaches Mimi Khalvati’s approach to poetic metre. Her collection ‘The Shaking City’ (Seren Books), highly commended in the 2020 Forward Prizes, follows ‘Sleeping with Rivers’ which won the Seren/Mslexia poetry pamphlet prize and was a Poetry Book Society choice.

Also to come…

A masterclass on Advanced metre with Annie Finch

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