Choose your Poetry Bliss: March // April // May 2021

  1. Reading with fab poets from right across Australia & the UK – warmth and wit from our shared ‘virtual verandah’ with Rita Tognini, Coral Carter, Sundra Lawrence, Tineke Van der Eecken, Mala Anthony-Ranu, Kathy Armstrong, Patricia Foster McKenley, Glen Hunting, Joe Duggan, Bell Selkie Lovelock, Jenny Magann, Cath Drake. Fabulous Aussie poet Jaya Savige is our guest feature reader.  John Kinsella describes Jaya’s recent book Change Machine as ‘one of the finest volumes to come out of Australia in two decades’. Jaya is also the poetry editor for The Australian newspaper.  Not to be missed! Sign up HERE Free, 20 March

2. Small group monthly poetry feedback sessions start in May (6 sessions per term) – for practicing poets. Contact me to apply. Make your good poems even better and take your craft to a new level. These are hugely productive, warm and super enjoyable groups. Is there anything better?

3. Dive into Poetry, introductory workshop and series of 5 (monthly sessions) for those who are relatively new to reading & writing poetry or those who want to take another look at what poetry is, why it matters and investigate some of its key features and techniques. 18 April, onwards.

4. A series of six weekly sessions of Mindfulness & Poetry Uplift , short peaceful refreshing sessions to feel good, listen to poetry and boost your creativity. We conclude with an optional session of writing together. Each week focuses on a theme related to wellbeing that also sets creative sparks flying for a freewrite. Sign up and drop-in – pay by the session or in a block. Six Tuesdays, 23 March to 27 April.

5. Masterclasses with the best teachers – currently these are sold out, contact me for waiting lists. More coming soon!

  • Poetry with Fire in its Belly: Poetry Masterclass Malika Booker will explore how to be bold, daring and to stay with your poems for longer with more depth. Learn from a poetry master on how you can write about weighty, political, social and often personally difficult issues with authenticity and passion.
  • The Ghazal, an Exploration of Form & Culture: Mona Arshi, a writer with exquisite delicacy and natural poetic fair, will explore one of the oldest poetic forms, the ghazal and how it compares to the sonnet and is radically different to western traditions. MORE TO COME.
  • Dive into imaginative worlds with Caroline Bird

Coming soon… Prose poetry and other masterclasses, Introduction to Poetic Metre & Scansion, Poetry courses for beginners and practicing poets, including new ways to write about nature and the environment. How can we bring nature and the environment more into all of our work with new fresh and urgent perspectives?


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